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Frequently Asked Questions About
German Wirehair Pointers
Q. Why a German Wirehair Pointer?
A. They are great dogs and a fantastic pointing bird dog.
Q. How big do German Wirehairs get?
A. Male German Wirehairs grow to 50 to 75 pounds, female dogs are 45 to 60 pounds.
Q. What color are the dogs?
A. German Wirehairs come in black or liver ticked colors. Their coats vary from short to long hair.
Q. What makes German Wirehairs a good hunting dog?
A. Wirehairs have a strong desire to retrieve, but they should be forced trained. The dogs are easy to train.
Q. Do the dogs like water?
A. German Wirehairs are great in the water! They are better in the water than most other pointing breeds.
Q. Are German Wirehair Pointers family dogs?
A. These dogs are good with kids and make great family pets. German Wirehairs are very loyal and lovable dogs!
Q. What about pheasant hunting with the dogs?
A. Wirehairs make great pheasant hunters and are known for their relentless search.

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