About Funks Kennels – More than 40 years ago “Alpha dog and Pack Leader” Owner Jerry Funk decided raising hunting dogs was his passion but he just wasn’t sure what breed. There are many great hunting dog breeds out in the world and he had Labs and Chesapeake as a kid. Although he liked both felt other breeds may offer more to be explored in skill and natural talent.

One day Jerry happened upon an article Gun Dog Magazine about the German Wirehair Pointer that struck his interest. Deciding more research was in order, he headed to his local library (the internet was not available back then) and what he discovered there convinced him to give the German Wirehair Pointers a try. Jerry has not once regretted his choice of dog breed to work with.

Over the years with experience, trial and a little error, Jerry was able to develop Funks Kennels line of German Wirehair Pointers with a can-do personality, excellent disposition, and great temperament these dogs are any serious hunters best tool and a bonus loving family member.


Funk's Champion: Three Devils Jackson

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Three Devils Jackson

Male Whelped Feb 28, 2005
Liver ticked, 68 lbs, 25``
NAVHDA Nat Ability
Score Prize 1 - 112 Points

Search: 4
Pointing: 4
Nose: 4
Desire: 4
Water: 4
Cooperation: 4