Frequently Asked Questions About German Wirehair Pointers

Why a German Wirehair Pointer?

They are great dogs and fantastic pointing bird dogs.

How big do German Wirehairs get?

Male German Wirehairs grow to 50 to 65 pounds, female dogs are 35 to 50 pounds.

What color are the dogs?

The dominating color of the German Wirehair Pointer is liver, liver ticked or black ticked. come in black ticked or liver ticked colors. Because of the breeding that has gone into the German Wirehair Pointer the coat can vary from short to medium to shaggy long.

The perfect Wirehair coat in our opinion is medium flat harsh.This tends to be less maintenance especially after a long day of hunting, picking up less burrs,etc. Of course the beard is always preferable since this is a part of the Wirehair distinction. Over the years we have experienced a few that have very short coat with no beard. This is due to the genes of the Shorthair which is background breeding of the Wirehair.

What makes German Wirehairs good hunting dogs?

German Wirehairs have a Natural Ability to Hunt. Some of their outstanding features are their coats which are short to long in length with a course texture so they shed water fast. They have brows and some have beards to protect their eyes and mouths from the variable harsh environments in which they hunt. Pointing is one their best qualities, especially with older hunters since these dogs are easy to force train to retrieve to hand. They have great personalities and make great family dogs too!

Do the dogs like water?

German Wirehairs are great in the water! They are better than most other pointing breeds in that they are great for Upland game as well as Waterfowl.

Are German Wirehair Pointers family dogs?

These dogs are good with kids and make great family pets. German Wirehairs are very loyal and lovable dogs!

What about pheasant hunting with the dogs?

Wirehairs make great pheasant hunters and are known for their relentless search.


Funk's Champion: Radar

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2 year old female
NAVHDA Nat Ability
Score Prize 2 - 108 Points

Search : 4
Pointing: 4
Nose: 4
Desire: 4
Water: 4
Cooperation: 4
Tracking: 2